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Waterfront Costa Smeralda

Exclusive summer pop-up gallery on the sea

Shopping, glamor and appeal in the heart of Porto Cervo, designed by star architect Gio Pagani. In the backdrop of the most luxurious yachts in the Mediterranean stretches Waterfront Costa Smeralda, hosting world famous brands, luxury ateliers and two lounge bars of Nikki Beach and Riva. Situated at the quay of Porto Vecchio Waterfront Costa Smeralda is open to the public during the summertime starting from sunset until late night.

Via Porto Cervo, 07021 Arzachena SS, Italy

Luxury Showrooms

Waterfront Costa Smeralda boasts seven pop-up stores, hosting world famous brands out of art, yachting, motors, tourism, sports and more. Not only it can be considered a prestigious shopping street but also a vibrant yet elegant experience, presenting exclusive cars on the spot and even your favourite gym session during sunset, hosted by Technogym.

Lounge Bars

Walking around Waterfront Costa Smeralda you can feel the music changing while passing between Riva Lounge and Nikki Beach. Each space is designed to amaze and entertain. Riva Lounge awaits for an exclusive Italian summer night with decors and finishes in typical Riva Yacht style. Nikki Beach's "Celebration Of Life" features creative cocktails in a vibrant atmosphere with views over the Marina.

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