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Flow Fragrance Porto Cervo

Artistic and niche perfume Gallery

Flow Fragrance Porto Cervo is a Gallery of artistic and niche perfumery, with Italian and international brands of perfumes and body care products.
Flow Fragrance offers personalised olfactory paths dedicated to those who wish to get to know and fully understand fragrances. Paths that open the doors to the secret world of perfumers, their creations and inspirations. Paths that pay maximum attention to taste, style, personality, ph, and character of each costumer.

Sotto piazza delle Chiacchiere 7, 07021 Porto Cervo SS

Art Installations

Flow is also an art gallery where installations by artists from all over the world are hosted in a space that changes and evolves. A point of view that links the world of perfumery to that of art, in an environment that makes you dream and that gives beauty to those who visit it.

Musical Notes

The piano in the Gallery is not just a piece of furniture, but is available to anyone who wishes to play it. The musical notes diffuses the Gallery, combined with the olfactory notes of a perfume, create beautiful and harmonious atmospheres that attract the curiosity and attention of the passing public.

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