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Billionaire Porto Cervo

Flavio Briatore's legendary nightclub in Porto Cervo

Summer 1998. Flavio Briatore conceived his Billionaire Club wich instantly became a multi-dimensional playground for the elite and international crowd gravitating around Porto Cervo. Billionaire’s legendary fame has given life to an iconic brand, delivering the highest standards of service, food and entertainment. Today Billionaire is an extraordinary adventure offering luxury dining paired with entertainment.

Via Rocce sul Pevero, 07021 Golfo Pevero SS, Italy

The Billionaire Experience

An incredible show with playful and sensual live singing and dancing acts alternating with acrobatic performances, captures guests while they are enjoying an extraordinary Italian and New-Asian dining experience under the magical star-studded Costa Smeralda sky, created by Billionaire’s executive chef Batuhan Piatti. A spectacular mid-summer adventure that is as unexpected as it is unforgettable.

The Party Continues

After the dinner show the party moves to the nightclub till the early hours bringing to life the most entertaining and unforgettable nights, wich Billionaire is famous for. And what’s more, this summer for the after party, Billionaire Porto Cervo lines up with an impressive roster of renewed DJs staking the claim for the hottest party spot in Costa Smeralda.

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