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Frades Porto Cervo

Sardinian specialties in a dreamlike location

Frades Porto Cervo was founded by three Sardinian brothers who aimed to present the regional food and wine to the international Costa Smeralda. They created a revolutionary concept divided into four areas, starting with the counter where you can experience local meat and cheese, over an open laboratory of fresh pasta, to the spectacular kitchen. Last but not least there is a shop dedicated to a wide selection of Sardinian products and wine.

SP94, 07021 Arzachena SS, Italy

Frades La Terrazza

Overlooking the bay of Cala di Volpe, "La Terrazza" is all about the spectacular view over one of the most beautiful sceneries in the Mediterranean. You can experience the finest local food and wine while enjoying the breathtaking view over the landscape, the beaches, the yachts and the island of Tavolara. Frades "La Terrazza" is located in the area of Abbiadori just a few minutes south from Porto Cervo, near to the famous Hotel Cala di Volpe.

Frades Milano

Frades Milano is the latest project of the three Sardinian brothers, willing to export the finest regional ingredients, their hospitality and their cuisine philosophy in the heart of Milan. The new location is inspired by the Costa Smeralda’s architecture and it’s designed to welcome guests to enjoy a light lunch or a gourmet dinner. A small corner is dedicated to “la bottega”, where guests can find Sardinian specialties such as fine cold cuts and cheese, a selection of regional olive oil, marmalades, truffled products and many other Sardinian delicacies.

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