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Michelin starred boutique restaurant in Porto Cervo

Surrounded by elegant boutiques, in close proximity to the exclusive super yacht marina of Porto Vecchio, lies this unique boutique restaurant with Michelin stared cuisine. From the passion of interior design by Tatjana Rozenfeld aka Madame Confusion, as well as the international experience of Michelin starred chef Italo Bassi, the exclusive ConFusion concept was born in the heart of the Costa Smeralda - Porto Cervo.

Promenade du Port, Via Aga Khan 1, 07021 Porto Cervo SS, Italy

Boutique Restaurant

An ensemble of excellence, tradition, design and extravagance combines Sardinian specialities with international glamour in an exclusive selection of gourmet dishes. Michelin starred chef Italo Bassi presents his own idea of Great Cuisine in the heart of Porto Cervo. In addition to the elegant boutique restaurant, there also is the opportunity to enjoy the skills of Italo Bassi on your own yacht or any other personally selected location, as well as being part of an one of a kind "Show Cooking" experience.

Bubble Bar

Madame Confusion’s love of champagne has created the idea of the exclusive Bubble Bar inside Promenade du Port, the centre of Porto Cervo. Here you can enjoy delicious aperitifs, creative cocktails, as well as aromatic champagne in a fantastic sunset atmosphere. The Bubble Bar is the epitome of quality, attention to detail and relaxation in the heart of the Costa Smeralda.

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