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Sea & Snow

Italian multi-brand clothing store in Porto Cervo

Looking for your perfect summer outfit? Sea & Snow is the address you're looking for in Porto Cervo. With a hand-selected collection of Italian brands both for men and women you will find timeless pieces as well as eye-catching accessories. Located in the centre of Porto Cervo, Sea & Snow will tailor a style unique for you. From smart-casual to chic, this multi-brand fashion store features some of the highest quality Italian brands to match your personal style.

Sottopiazza delle Chiacchiere - Loc, 07021 Porto Cervo SS, Italy

Mens Collection

From Polos over shirts to fine leather shoes, Sea & Snow offers a hand-selected collection to feature all you're fashion needs. Combined with high quality accessories this Italian multi-brand fashion store is the place to go create you're personalised summer look. The store features brands like Altea, Gran Sasso and Riviera Cashmere, just to name a few, as well as there private Sea & Snow collections. All Italian designer brands have been carefully selected based on their cut, quality and of course on their style.

Womens Collection

Sea & Snow will spoil you with their extensive selection of beautiful summer dresses and jeans, perfect for any silhouette. Pair it with a handmade summer hat from Panama Hatters and round up your style with wooden bags from Uashmama, made from recycled boats. This Italian multi-brand fashion store is going to fit you're style from hat to toe, offering an exclusive selection of Italian designers as well as their private Sea & Snow collections.

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