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ManuH Cigars

Cigar shop and lounge in Promenade du Port

With years of experience in hospitality and a passion for cigars and fine champagne Manuh Harit created ManuH Cigars with the desire to bring the two worlds under one roof: Champagne and cigar shop. His boutique in Porto Cervo offers an exclusive selection of rare cigars and fine champagne from all around the world, including a walk in humidor, 200 lockers under management, a private members lounge and a dedicated ageing cigar room.

Via Aga Khan, 1 Loc, 07021 Porto Cervo SS, Italy

Cigars & Fine Champagne

ManuH Cigars brings a fresh and new approach to cigars and it's industry, showcasing some of the most refined cigars and accessories (Bosquet, ST Dupont) as well as carefully curated luxury brands of champagne and wine: Rare, Henri Giraud, Domaine Vacelli... With a selection of some of the finest New World and Cuban cigars this unique concept store offers both in store pick up and delivery to your yacht, hotel or villa.

Private Members Lounge

Located in Promenade du Port, the epicentre of high-end restaurants, art galleries and luxurious concept stores in Costa Smeralda, ManuH Cigars excels with a private members lounge that is only accessible for owners of the 200 lockers that are managed by the boutique. Open all year round members enjoy total privacy at the stores own terrace, situated on the upper floor with tranquil views in the center of Porto Cervo.

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Poltu Quatu Classic | 06-09 July 2023

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